About the series

The series of workshops Mathematics and society is a loose continuation of winter workshops in the history of mathematics, organised in Czech-Moravian Highlands since 2010.

Previous workshops

Mathematicians and scientists as public figures: Living in Ivory Towers?  (2018)

Mathematics and computing (2017)

Web, programme (PDF).

How mathematics contributes to the quality of life? (2016)

Mathematics, mathematicians and war (2015)

Web, Preliminary programme (PDF)

"Crossroad, melting pot, asylum, or trap?" International influences on Prague mathematical culture (2014)

"Mathematics for the People!" (2013)

Fenomén migrace v dějinách matematiky 20. století (2012)

Matematika - jazyk - společnost (2011)

G. Alberts: Mathematization and mathematical modelling 

Prague, 23 Jan 2010